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Diagnostic clinics

If you have symptoms, don’t wait. Get fast, direct access to a consultant and diagnostic tests and scans so you can get answers as soon as possible

Don’t wait and worry

If you’re concerned about any possible cancer symptoms, whether that’s a breast lump, an ache or fatigue, it’s important to see a specialist as soon as possible. At GenesisCare we recognise the need to diagnose and treat patients early to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Our rapid access services diagnose any condition which is causing your symptoms and will ensure you have the treatment you need as quickly as possible. We will help you get the answers, without delay.

Led by experienced consultants, our rapid access services are supported by a range of diagnostic tests and scans to promptly detect and diagnose symptoms. Our services are quick and easy to access, whether you’re using private medical insurance or paying for yourself.

If your local GenesisCare centre doesn’t offer a rapid access service for your symptoms, you can still be referred directly for these tests and scans by your GP.

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Why go private?

Fast access

Our rapid access services offer appointments within 24 hours. Most insurers will cover any tests and scans you need and if you’re paying for yourself, you don’t need a GP referral.

Personalised treatment

If you need treatment following your diagnosis, you will receive a consultant-led personalised plan which can start within days or even hours of a diagnosis.

Leading experts

We work closely with renowned consultants who are experienced in the diagnosis and management of cancer and benign conditions, with comprehensive care pathways.

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