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We're by your side every step of the way – from symptoms to survivorship. We believe care should be focused on you, the individual, not the condition.

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At GenesisCare, we understand that cancer is life-changing. Our commitment is to help you meet the physical, emotional and psychological challenges in the most positive way possible.

The resources below will help you to navigate our cancer care and support services. These include sharing the experiences of patients who have been cared for by us and signposting to other helpful organisations offering additional support.

Nutrition support

Managing side effects

Your care team will support you throughout your cancer journey by helping you to control and manage any side effects of treatment. You may only experience mild side effects, which can be easily treated with prescribed medicines. Other side effects can be more difficult, but we’ll help you limit their impact on your daily life.

Our consultants, nursing teams and pharmacists work together to provide practical advice, lifestyle tips and nutritional advice. We also offer new technologies and treatment techniques that can help reduce side effects, for example, cooling caps which can be worn during chemotherapy treatment to reduce hair loss.

Learn more about nutrition for cancer side effects

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Penny Brohn UK

We understand that cancer affects so much more than just your body. That’s why we have been partnering with Penny Brohn UK since 2013 to offer complementary and wellbeing therapies alongside your conventional treatment. These specialist treatments include counselling, reflexology, acupuncture, relaxation and mindfulness training and can be accessed remotely and in selected GenesisCare Centres

For over 40 years, Penny Brohn UK has provided trusted information, practical support and a safe space for those affected by cancer. You can learn more about the charity and their online cancer support and resources at Penny Brohn UK.

We are proud to be the first private provider to offer this as standard to all of our patients.

Learn more about our Penny Brohn UK wellbeing services

The Penny Brohn UK approach is shining a light on the future for how cancer care will be delivered to everyone James McArthur, Deputy Group CFO and Head of Group Business Planning, GenesisCare

Wellbeing blog

GenesisCare_Wellbeing blog

Your wellbeing matters

Increasing our understanding and knowledge can help us to take control of our own health. In these articles, our experts share how to stay healthy, reduce risk, check symptoms, and live well with cancer.
Wellbeing blog

About private cancer care

We know that navigating cancer information and knowing what’s right for you can at times seem overwhelming. As the UK’s leading cancer specialist, we want to make it as easy as possible for people to get the best treatments and care they need without delay.


  1. How is cancer treated?

    If you or a loved one has cancer, the most important thing is getting access to the best treatments as quickly as possible. This means taking into account your diagnosis, the latest technologies, and your personal preferences.

    Explore the latest ways to treat cancer, including radiotherapy, chemotherapy and Theranostics.

  2. How can we help?

    There are many ways to access private cancer care, whether for a diagnosis, the latest treatments, or a second opinion. Depending on what you need and if you’re paying for yourself or using private medical insurance, appointments are available without delay – sometimes for the same day.

    Find out how to access our private cancer care.

  3. Why choose us?

    We’re renowned for the excellent care we provide. We offer fast access to the latest technology and safe, effective treatments and have been proven to make a difference. That’s why we’re proudly rated in the top 1% of healthcare providers worldwide for patient satisfaction.

    Learn more about what makes us different.

  4. What is cancer?

    Medical terminology and definitions associated with cancer can be difficult to understand. We’ve explained some of them, including radiotherapy terms and types of cancer, to help make things clearer.

    Browse our glossary of medical terms.

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