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Latest news

May 2022

06 May 2022 Clinician updates

Demonstrating the value of MR-guidance

April 2022

12 Apr 2022 Press release

Southampton cancer centre awarded ‘Outstanding’ CQC rating

March 2022

11 Mar 2022 Clinician updates

Conventional Linac primary prostate SABR

February 2022

07 Feb 2022 Press release

New study shows MRI-guided radiotherapy could double survival rates for people with inoperable pancreatic cancer

04 Feb 2022 News announcements

Honouring Clinical Excellence & Leadership: GenesisCare Launches Inaugural Global Physician Recognition Program

January 2022

28 Jan 2022 News announcements

GenesisCare Appoints Seven Leading Oncologists to Chair its Global Research Committees

20 Jan 2022 Clinician updates

Simultaneous ablation of five liver mets

December 2021

16 Dec 2021 News announcements

SABR Consortium Annual Professional Conference 2021

November 2021

29 Nov 2021 News announcements

Annual research report 2020

02 Nov 2021 News announcements

Men put off seeking prostate medical advice resulting in health anxiety and delayed diagnosis

October 2021

15 Oct 2021 Press release

Treating cancer differently

14 Oct 2021 News announcements

Celebrating our GenesisCare Game Changers

11 Oct 2021 Clinician updates

Simple SABR for Oligometastatic disease

July 2021

14 Jul 2021 Clinician updates

Refer and treat your SABR patients with confidence

June 2021

25 Jun 2021 News announcements

Bar Code Medication Administration increases patient safety and efficiency

17 Jun 2021 Clinician updates

Prostate re-irradiation with MR linac based SABR

12 Jun 2021 Clinician updates

A continued discussion on the #FutureOfSABR – Dr James Good

11 Jun 2021 News announcements

UK Cancer Patients Receive a Boost with Latest Treatment Technology at Cromwell Hospital in London

09 Jun 2021 News announcements

Research finds black men are unaware of their greater risk of prostate cancer

May 2021

18 May 2021 Clinician updates

Reirradiation SABR

April 2021

28 Apr 2021 News announcements

GenesisCare appoints new UK Chief Medical Officer amidst pandemic as part of continued commitment to high quality patient care

24 Apr 2021 Clinician updates

MRIdian MR-guided stereotactic radiotherapy

09 Apr 2021 News announcements

What is the #FutureOfSABR? – Dr James Good, Twitter takeover key questions

01 Apr 2021 News announcements

GQ Magazine discuss testicular cancer symptoms with Carla Perna, Consultant Clinical Oncologist at GenesisCare

March 2021

26 Mar 2021 News announcements

On Resilience: In Conversation with Leaders on How to Thrive and Survive in Crisis

25 Mar 2021 Press release

University of Oxford, OUH and GenesisCare partnership enables access to state-of-the-art radiotherapy machine in Oxford

19 Mar 2021 News announcements

#FutureOfSABR Twitter takeover with Dr James Good, Clinical Director of Stereotactic Radiotherapy

February 2021

26 Feb 2021 News announcements

Rapid Access Skin Clinic at GenesisCare in Cambridge

23 Feb 2021 News announcements

GenesisCare and PreludeDxTM partner to provide access to ground-breaking precision medicine test for women with early-stage breast cancer

18 Feb 2021 News announcements

GenesisCare is the first in the UK to go live with a chemotherapy drug library over a wireless DERS system

17 Feb 2021 Clinician updates

Optimising local control of Brain Metastases with Stereotactic Radiosurgery

16 Feb 2021 News announcements

Adapting to a new way of treating

01 Feb 2021 News announcements

GenesisCare Appoints New UK General Manager Following Expansion and Technology Uplift

January 2021

20 Jan 2021 Clinician updates

A case study of MR-guided radiotherapy to treat a famous sportsman with prostate cancer and didn’t want to compromise his quality of life

December 2020

10 Dec 2020 Clinician updates

London Cromwell Stereotactic Radiotherapy

November 2020

19 Nov 2020 Clinician updates

Complex SABR treatment now LIVE at GenesisCare’s Centre for Radiotherapy at Cromwell Hospital

19 Nov 2020 News announcements

Cancer won’t wait until COVID-19 is over

17 Nov 2020 Clinician updates

New Haematology Rapid Access Service launches at GenesisCare in Windsor

17 Nov 2020 News announcements

COVID-19 second wave update

09 Nov 2020 News announcements

GE Healthcare, GenesisCare Partner to Tackle Two Biggest Health Burdens Globally

09 Nov 2020 News announcements

Complex SABR for all

October 2020

21 Oct 2020 News announcements

Tony’s cancer treament on the MRIdian

16 Oct 2020 News announcements

Services at GenesisCare in Cambridge

12 Oct 2020 News announcements

MR linac for challenging SABR cases

September 2020

16 Sep 2020 News announcements

GenesisCare Centre for Radiotherapy at Cromwell Hospital

09 Sep 2020 News announcements

SABR for spinal lesions

August 2020

26 Aug 2020 News announcements

World’s smartest radiotherapy treatment made available to NHS pancreatic cancer patients, without cost

03 Aug 2020 News announcements

Cancer treatment during Covid-19

July 2020

29 Jul 2020 News announcements

Cancer diagnosis and treatment shouldn’t be delayed. Read the highlights from #AskGenesisCare

29 Jul 2020 Clinician updates

New Haematology Rapid Access Service launches at GenesisCare in Milton Keynes

28 Jul 2020 News announcements

SABR year in review

21 Jul 2020 News announcements

World-class care during Covid-19 – is this still achievable?

11 Jul 2020 News announcements

Do you have a question about continuing cancer care safely during Covid-19?

June 2020

25 Jun 2020 News announcements

Diagnostic and advanced radiotherapy for prostate cancer

22 Jun 2020 Clinician updates

The technological benefits of prostate radiotherapy on the MRIdian

17 Jun 2020 News announcements

Dave’s 155 mile cycle for Penny Brohn UK

16 Jun 2020 GP updates

Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy (SABR) – an alternative to surgery

11 Jun 2020 News announcements

GenesisCare pushing the boundaries with MR Linac SABR

04 Jun 2020 Clinician updates

New MRI service now available at Cambridge, Maidstone and Milton Keynes

04 Jun 2020 News announcements

New Haematology Rapid Access Service launches at GenesisCare in Oxford

May 2020

21 May 2020 Clinician updates

UK clinician update, 21st May

20 May 2020 News announcements

The UK’s first MR guided, daily-adapted, real-time, Gated SABR for central lung tumours

19 May 2020 News announcements

Stereotactic ablative radiotherapy (SABR) for oligometastatic disease and certain localised cancers

19 May 2020 News announcements

Mental Health Awareness Week – acts of kindness

16 May 2020 News announcements

21st Century Oncology becomes part of Australia’s GenesisCare to increase access to world class cancer care in the U.S.

13 May 2020 GP updates

New rapid access diagnostic services provide fast answers

08 May 2020 News announcements

BAUS guidance webinar

08 May 2020 Clinician updates

UK Clinician update: Friday 8th May

06 May 2020 News announcements

Podcast: James McArthur, UK General Manager chats with Australian – UK Chamber of Commerce

04 May 2020 GP updates

GP information: 4th May

April 2020

29 Apr 2020 Clinician updates

Clinician update: Brain stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS)

29 Apr 2020 News announcements

#InYourOwnWords – Kyle Woods, Lead Therapy Radiographer, Cambridge

28 Apr 2020 Clinician updates

Clinician update: BAUS guidance

24 Apr 2020 GP updates

GP information: 24th April

17 Apr 2020 Clinician updates

UK Clinician information: 17th April

17 Apr 2020 GP updates

GP information: COVID-19 oncology update

14 Apr 2020 News announcements

How social isolation can bring people closer

09 Apr 2020 Clinician updates

UK Clinician information: 9th April

08 Apr 2020 Clinician updates

UK Clinician information: SABR

06 Apr 2020 News announcements

Patient Information: COVID – 19

03 Apr 2020 Clinician updates

UK Clinician information: guidance on the use of personal protective equipment & testing for COVID-19

March 2020

31 Mar 2020 News announcements

Radiotherapy: a valuable tool in a time of crisis

26 Mar 2020 Clinician updates

UK Clinician information: Coronavirus update

26 Mar 2020 News announcements

Advanced radiotherapy in the treatment of breast cancer – reasons to be positive

16 Mar 2020 Clinician updates

UK Clinician information: GenesisCare continues to treat without delay

13 Mar 2020 Clinician updates

UK Clinician Information: Coronavirus update

February 2020

13 Feb 2020 News announcements

First UK patients use state-of-the-art Mixed Reality Viewer to visualise and understand their cancer tumour treatment

December 2019

13 Dec 2019 News announcements

21st Century Oncology to join Australia’s GenesisCare in a partnership to increase access to high quality cancer care in U.S. communities

10 Dec 2019 News announcements

GenesisCare UK brings MRIdian radiotherapy to the UK, shortening treatment time for prostate cancer and offering new hope to people with difficult to treat tumours

November 2019

14 Nov 2019 News announcements

Our GenesisCare centre in Windsor is rated ‘Outstanding’ by the Care Quality Commission (CQC)

13 Nov 2019 News announcements

Latest innovations in prostate cancer treatments in the UK

October 2019

23 Oct 2019 News announcements

Patients to receive innovative treatments in new state-of-the-art cancer centre

September 2019

23 Sep 2019 News announcements

‘New hope for advanced prostate cancer patients’

16 Sep 2019 News announcements

GenesisCare expands its UK oncology network to bring world-class cancer care to patients in Bristol

12 Sep 2019 News announcements

‘It’s time that breast cancer care got personal’

August 2019

20 Aug 2019 News announcements

Are you a qualified physiotherapist working in oncology? Or perhaps a qualified level 3 personal trainer?

08 Aug 2019 News announcements

‘Outstanding’ Care Quality Commission rating for GenesisCare’s Maidstone centre

July 2019

25 Jul 2019 News announcements

Cancer patients in the Midlands to receive better access to innovative care: Birmingham Prostate Clinic joins GenesisCare

19 Jul 2019 News announcements

Bupa Cromwell Hospital and GenesisCare collaborate to bring world-class radiotherapy services to patients in London

June 2019

03 Jun 2019 News announcements

Theranostics: New hope for late stage prostate cancer patients with an innovative UK-first treatment

May 2019

16 May 2019 News announcements

SpaceOAR® Hydrogel as part of our standard pre-radiotherapy treatment.

09 May 2019 News announcements

We’ve updated our signage

March 2019

11 Mar 2019 News announcements

GenesisCare officially welcomes new investment partner to support expansion of world class treatment centres

February 2019

07 Feb 2019 News announcements

GenesisCare and the University of Oxford establish innovative 10-year research partnership

December 2018

20 Dec 2018 News announcements

Karthik Ramasamy MBBS, FRCP, FRCPath, PhD. GenesisCare’s new Clinical Director for Haematology Services

November 2018

05 Nov 2018 News announcements

Innovative breast cancer treatment technique now available within Wide Bay for the first time

05 Nov 2018 News announcements

GenesisCare Continues Australian & International Expansion of New World Class Treatment Centres Supported by Major Capital Raising

05 Nov 2018 News announcements

New $6.6 million comprehensive cancer centre to be built in Concord

October 2018

31 Oct 2018 News announcements

Our new UK Clinical Director of Stereotactic Radiotherapy shares his insights into ‘SABR’

29 Oct 2018 News announcements

ViewRay signs agreement with GenesisCare to bring the first MRIdian MRI-guided radiotherapy systems to the UK

24 Oct 2018 News announcements

Varian & GenesisCare form strategic partnership for cancer care research & increased access to care for Australian patients

September 2018

20 Sep 2018 News announcements

Reducing the side effects of radiotherapy for prostate cancer patients

17 Sep 2018 News announcements

Building works underway for new specialist centre that will increase access to cancer care in Western Sydney

03 Sep 2018 News announcements

New integrated cancer centre coming to Buderim

August 2018

29 Aug 2018 News announcements

GenesisCare invests £12 million to double cutting-edge cancer care services in Oxfordshire

24 Aug 2018 News announcements

GenesisCare orders Elekta Unity MR-linac to increase access to cutting edge cancer treatment

July 2018

30 Jul 2018 News announcements

Combatting cancer at The Wesley for 30 years

19 Jul 2018 News announcements

Wide Bay community benefiting from high quality cancer care at two new centres in the region

02 Jul 2018 News announcements

GenesisCare & Clinica Corachan announce plans for an Oncology Centre in Barcelona

June 2018

27 Jun 2018 News announcements

Introducing “positive prescriptions” in regional Queensland

21 Jun 2018 News announcements

BIOTRONIK and GenesisCare Partner to Improve Heart Disease Therapy

March 2018

20 Mar 2018 News announcements

Helping your body during and after cancer treatment

June 2017

06 Jun 2017 News announcements

Building our resilience to support patients

November 2016

07 Nov 2016 News announcements

You said, we did

July 2016

14 Jul 2016 News announcements

Partnering with patients is just good business.

June 2016

22 Jun 2016 News announcements

Genesis CancerCare Co-design session

February 2016

05 Feb 2016 News announcements

Improving patient care on World Cancer Day

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