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Tilt table test

A tilt table test is undergone to determine whether you are susceptible to fainting or near fainting due to a common cause, called orthostatic blood pressure intolerance.

What is a tilt table test?

tilt table test is used for people who regularly feel faint when they stand and involves using a specialised platform to change their position from horizontal to vertical while measuring the response of their blood pressure and heart rate.

What should I expect?

In order to conduct a tilt table test, you will be required to lie on a specialised tilting bed. During the first part of the test, the bed will be tilted to an upright position for several minutes while we monitor your pulse and blood pressure. You will then be returned to a horizontal position and administered medication, usually as a spray under your tongue or continuously through the IV line before being tilted upright again for further monitoring of any symptoms.

  • You should allow up to one hour for this test, including preparation and debriefing after the test
  • As a safety measure (as mandated according to Medicare), we will place an intravenous catheter in your arm which may be used for administration of medication if you need it during the test
  • Small metal discs called ECG electrodes will be placed on your body and a blood pressure cuff will be placed on your arm
  • Should a definite diagnostic change occur during the test, it will be immediately stopped

The physician and the cardiac technologist/nurse will discuss the exact details and risks of the test with you. They may ask you to sign a consent form acknowledging that you understand the nature of this test, including its purpose and possible outcomes.

How should I prepare?

  • Do not eat any food or drink any fluids for ONE hour prior to your test
  • Ask your physician if you should take your medications as usual prior to the test. Most medications should be continued as prescribed, but you may be asked to cease those that could interfere with the test

What happens next?

The results will be discussed with you immediately following the test and a comprehensive report will be sent to your doctor.

  1. We advise you not to drive a motor vehicle immediately after your test

  2. You may feel weak and tired following the test, so do not schedule a heavy day at work that day

  3. You may eat and drink as normal immediately following the test

What else should I know?

This test is only currently available through our Melbourne clinic. Please contact our Balwyn centre to make an appointment.

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Patient information

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