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Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring

Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring provides your doctor with detailed information about what’s happening with your blood pressure.

What is ABPM?

The starting point for better care is better information. Using the right test for the right situation allows your care team to get the best information in order to personalise your treatment plan.

If you have suspected high blood pressure (hypertension) or your high blood pressure is difficult to manage with medication, ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) will provide your doctor with more detailed information about what’s happening. Some people get nervous when they visit their doctor, which can cause their blood pressure to rise temporarily. For these people ABPM can be used to accurately measure blood pressure in a more usual environment.

How does ABPM work?

ABPM is simply a portable blood pressure machine that you wear for 24 hours. There’s a small computer device you wear on a belt or around your neck. It is attached to a blood pressure cuff wrapped around your upper arm, just like when your doctor checks you blood pressure.

At regular, preset intervals the computer inflates the cuff around your arm to measure your blood pressure as you go about your daily routine.

The same computer stores the measurements so they can be analysed by your cardiologist later.

It only takes approximately 15-30 minutes for one of our technicians to fit the ABPM device and even less to remove it the next day.

The technician may ask you to keep a written record of any symptoms you experience during the recording period.

View our patient preparation information PDF.

Patient preparation information

This device automatically measures your blood pressure at regular intervals during the day and night, usually about every 30 minutes during the day and 60 minutes during the night. Connection of the device takes approximately 15-30 minutes.

  • Please bath/shower in the morning, as you will NOT be able to swim/shower whilst the monitor is being worn.
  • Please wear a 2 piece out-fit.

Requires that a blood pressure cuff be placed on the upper arm and a small recording device be worn across the shoulder or around the waist.

During the period of monitoring, should you have difficulties with the equipment or feel it may have been dislodged, please notify the office.

  • The equipment and symptom diary must be returned at the specified time.
  • A full report will be sent to your Doctor after the results have been reviewed by a Cardiologist.

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